Tejiri Agbigbe

Undergraduate Fellow


“I really got into biology because it's so applicable to the human body and medicine. It is the study of life. There are so many applications for it, and I feel like if I stay in this field, I'll never get bored.”

What do you wish people knew about science research that they probably don't know?

“Everything! That it takes time, that you can't just prove something to be true. It's based off evidence that there is a likely correlation. I just want people to know, regardless of the data being very supporting, there's always going to be outliers; there are always going to be things you can't explain. You can rely on scientists to investigate it, because they probably will anyway, but you can't be mad if you can't get a full picture. Because scientists are still people. They're not anything different.”

Tejiri worked with Kim Medley and Katie Westby's Mosquito Team during summer 2018. Learn more about their urban ecology research here and their container mosquito research here.