Saransh Gothi

Undergraduate Fellow


What brought you to Tyson?

“I wanted to connect more with trees because I'm a person who likes animals more. That's definitely happened. The byproduct of coming here is that I've gotten more interested in trees. I’m trying to figure out what to do after graduating and honestly this made it worse. Before this, I knew I didn't want to work with plants or trees, but now I want to work with trees as well, so it's made it harder.

I love doing research. I love this work that we're doing, but now I'm realizing there's a lot more you can do if you want to work with trees or nature. I don't want to do policy per se, but I've been looking at conservation now and forestry. I've also been thinking about teaching. I love kids. I could easily see myself teaching elementary school or something like that.

I would like to do something that's impactful. I feel like that could definitely be done through teaching, as well as through research, because if you get the kids interested in science, what better thing could there be than that? Creating the next generation of scientists.”

Saransh worked with Jonathan Myers' Forest Biodiversity team during summer 2018. Learn more about their long-term temperate forest research here and their prescribed fire experiment here.