Sera Holland

Ecology Technician


If you had to describe the team in one object, what would it be?

“I'm thinking tide pool. Does that make sense? They're really diverse little tiny ecosystems that contribute to a much larger ecosystem; that's what our team is like. Because we have people from such diverse backgrounds and interest groups with so many different experiences, it makes it really interesting and fun to be out here. But at the same time we're contributing to something much bigger. We're playing our part, even though in the grand scheme of things we're a small part of the ForestGEO [Forest Global Earth Observatory] network.

The fact that we have so many different people with such different personality traits, the fact that everybody feels included and you can notice other people on the team making an effort to make sure other people are included is - I think it's the greatest thing that I've experienced in a workplace so far.”

Sera was a mentor with Jonathan Myers' Forest Biodiversity team during summer 2018. Learn more about their long-term temperate forest research here and their prescribed fire experiment here.