Driving scientific discovery

Research at Tyson spans many environmental topics and includes studies on biodiversity, disease, climate change, art, and architecture. Research projects vary from single-season student projects to faculty-led experiments and long-term monitoring. The integration of our educational programs with faculty-led research at Tyson allows scientists to tackle big questions, and student apprentices to gain the expertise they need to become independent investigators with a drive for scientific discovery.

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We encourage collaboration and trans-disciplinary thinking

Critical environmental questions can best be answered by integrating knowledge from multiple disciplines. We encourage collaborative, interdisciplinary projects that build upon faculty research programs and existing landscape-scale research infrastructure. Examples of our large-scale, multi-investigator studies include effects of prescribed fire on forest ecosystems, plant-soil interactions and climate change-induced drought, and disease dynamics.


“Tyson Research Center was an integral part of my graduate
career and helped shape who I am as a professional today.”

Matt Schuler
PhD 2015

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There are many ways to get involved with Tyson research projects, from high school and undergraduate fellowships, to graduate- and faculty-level research.