Tyson staff can work with you to reserve indoor teaching space and identify appropriate field sites for outdoor educational and exploratory activities. If you are interested in using Tyson as an educational resource for your own university course, please reach out.


Courses that have used Tyson Research Center resources and infrastructure


Architecture 317: Architectural Design I

Architecture 438: Environmental Systems I

Architecture 4381: Environmental Systems I: Site Planning

Art 318D: Large Format Photography

Art 1183: Black and White Photography

Arts & Sciences L43 160: The Tyson Seminar: Grounding Research in Nature

Arts & Sciences L61 Focus 2431: Missouri's Natural Heritage

Biology 4193: Experimental Ecology Laboratory

Design and Visual Arts 317/417: Digital Imaging and Photography

Earth and Planetary Sciences 210: Earth and the Environment

Earth and Planetary Sciences 454: Exploration and Environmental Geophysics

Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering 425: Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Environmental Studies 365: Applied Conservation Biology

Environmental Studies 393: Practical Skills in Environmental Biology Research

Landscape Architecture 553: Integrated Planting Design

University College-Biology 2351: Plants of Missouri

University College-Biology 524: Ecology and Environmental Sciences


University of Missouri-St. Louis: Entomology and Ecology

Saint Louis University: Mammalogy and Ecology

Webster University: Ecology

Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville: Ecology

McKendree University: Field Botany

University of Missouri, Columbia: Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology (UMEB)