Sabreena Leach

High School Fellow


“I'd like to adapt technology and renewables for the built side of our world. Something like Living Buildings, anything like that. I like making things, and so [I like] the idea that I can design something that helps blend the human and the environmental, so it's not the environment and then us. It’s better, together.”

So you are really interested in the human impact on the built side of the environment. Do you think you’ll incorporate that into a personal project?

“The personal project I'm doing is trapping adult mosquitoes in urban, suburban and rural environments. So there’s still that gradient of how built a site is, which is what I had been hoping to do something with. And then with that, the size of the mosquitoes depends on temperature, which will also determine how many offspring they have. That's applicable for land management and jobs like that.”

Sabreena worked with Kim Medley and Katie Westby's Mosquito Team during summer 2018. Learn more about their urban ecology research here and their container mosquito research here.