Through the Shaw Institute for Field Training (SIFT) and Tyson Environmental Research Fellowships (TERF) programs, St. Louis area high school students can explore environmental biology careers and get paid to work with local researchers and their teams.

Developed as a National Science Foundation supported project (DRL-0739874), SIFT and TERF form a partnership between Tyson Research Center and the Missouri Botanical Garden's Shaw Nature Reserve. These unique science education programs connect pre-college students directly to research scientists, allowing for deep and transparent career exploration.

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Shaw Institute for Field Training (SIFT)

The SIFT program trains St. Louis area high school students in field safety and scientific exploration of the natural world at Shaw Nature Reserve. SIFTers explore a variety of research projects during the summer and following academic year.


Tyson Environmental Research Fellowships (TERF)

The TERF program places SIFT graduates as summer fellows on ecology and environmental biology research teams at Tyson Research Center. TERFers are immersed in the field station community and gain important scientific communication skills.