Ruth Ann Bizoff

Accounting and Administrative Support Coordinator


“I have a bachelor's in biology, but I’ve never really gone that route; I’ve always been an administrator. I was in the research division of the Missouri Botanical Garden, and I loved to be in that environment, but I’m not a researcher. Now I’m working with researchers at Tyson.”

Is there anything you wish the researchers here knew about what you do?

“There’s nothing that they really don’t know: I’m actually a very vocal person! 

I think it’s frustrating for them because they come here and need something, and go ‘Can you find this?’ And I’m sure I can, but they are at the very beginning level of the request. I still have to go several levels to procure something for them. It can take a day or two.”

Is there anything you are constantly trying to get for the scientists?

“Oh, sure. I just placed an order for 100 mls of bovine defibrinated blood to feed mosquitoes! I have the best job ever!”

Ruth Ann takes care of many, many administrative details for the Tyson community every day. The photo above is the view from her office window.