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TRC Soils

The soils of Tyson were mapped as a part of a project to survey soils of the region. (Benham, K. 1976. Soil Survey from St. Louis County and St. Louis City, Missouri. Soil Conservation Service, USDA, in cooperation with Missouri University Agricultural Experiment Station). Eight soils, derived from loess and the parent materials described above have been found and mapped for Tyson.

Tyson is located in an area which has soils of the Gasconade-Clarksville-Menfro Association. In general these soils are "shallow and deep, dominantly stony and cherty, sloping to very steep, well drained and somewhat excessively drained soils that formed in chert free limestone residuum, cherty limestone residuum and deep loess."

Samples of each soil type were collected and prepared by Dr. Virginia Leftwich. For two soils where one might expect differences based on the aspect of exposure, two samples were collected to reflect possible variations. The samples were subjected to routine agricultural soils analysis by the Delta Soil Testing Laboratory of the University of Missouri located in Portageville, Missouri. More information on the voucher samples and a map giving the location of collection sites is available at the Tyson Administrative Office.

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