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About the Tyson Research Center

TRC Biology

  • Tyson is 1,966.5 acres; ~45 of those acres are outside the fenced area and therefore are not protected
  • 85% of TRC is covered by thick Oak-Hickory forest on steep ridges
  • 10% bottomland sycamore/cottonwood/maple forest
  • 20 acres of patchy old fields
  • 4 acres currently being restored to native prairie
  • 62 acres of limestone/dolomite glade heavily invaded by Red Cedar
  • 8 year-round ponds
  • 6 ephemeral ponds
  • 6 streams that run ~6 months a year
  • 1 small stream that runs year round (out of Bluegrass Spring)
  • Countless streams that are only active following large rain events

Tyson is home to many plants and animals, and those lists are constantly being updated with new photos and species that were previously undocumented on the property. See the flora, fauna, and fungi lists.

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fax: (314)-935-8433
6750 Tyson Valley Road
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