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Teaching, Outreach, and Internship Opportunities

Education at Tyson

An important part of Tyson's mission is to provide educational benefits to Washington University in St. Louis and regional colleges and universities by making Tyson available as an outdoor classroom (we also have indoor classroom and computer lab space available for teaching). Additionally, we aim to augment our traditional teaching with scientific outreach and K-12 educational programs, wherein we provide young, enthusiastic students with early hands-on experiences in the natural and environmental sciences.

Current Courses at Tyson - Courses offered through Washington University in St. Louis and other regional universities

Bring a Course - Relevant contacts for bringing courses to Tyson

High School Internship Program, SIFT/TERF - Collaborative effort between Tyson and the Shaw Nature Reserve to extend ecological research opportunities to high school students

Summer Undergraduate Research opportunities - Paid and volunteer internships and fellowships available to undergraduate students interested in ecological research
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