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SIFT and TERF: Partnered programs engaging teens in authentic field research

This National Science Foundation-supported project provides two field-based informal science education programs in environmental biology for St. Louis area teenagers.  The project forms a partnership between Washington University's Tyson Research Center and the Missouri Botanical Garden's Shaw Nature Reserve.  The Shaw Institute for Field Training (SIFT) program is designed to engage teenagers in scientific exploration of the natural environment.  The Tyson Environmental Research Fellowships (TERF) program immerses SIFT graduates in research teams with local scientists, creating cultural apprenticeships in scientific inquiry. The project aims for engagement of a science research institution and career scientists in the execution of informal science education programming, bringing real and dynamic context to the science content. The SIFT and TERF programs are components of "Making Natural Connections: An Authentic Field Research Collaboration" (NSF 06-520 DRL-0739874).

Detailed information about these programs may be found at the Washington University Institute for School Partnership Website.

TERF students learn about aquatic ecology

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