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Washington University Researchers
  • Stephen Blake - Honorary Research Scientist, Dept. of Biology. More.
  • Yehuda Ben-Shahar - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology. more
  • Robert Criss - Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences. Stable isotopes; springs; streams; hydrology. more
  • David Fike - Assistant Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences. more
  • Dan Giammar - Associate Professor, Dept. of Energy, Environmental, and Chemical Engineering. Aquatic chemistry. more
  • Bruce Lindsey - Dean, School of Architecture. Sustainable architecture. more
  • Scott Mangan - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology. Understanding the ecological and evolutionary importance of plant-soil dynamics. more
  • Kim Medley - Director, Tyson. Community, landscape, and disease ecology and biogeography. Research questions include human influence on the spread and adaptation of invasive species, disease persistence in meta-populations, species range limits, and land cover/land use effects on meta-communities. Tyson profile
  • Jonathan Myers - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology. Community ecology, biogeography and biodiversity of temperate and tropical plant communities, including: 1) biodiversity patterns, community assembly, and species interactions across scales; 2) climate change and forest dynamics; 3) plant functional ecology. more
  • Eleanor Pardini - Lecturer and Assistant Director, Environmental Studies Program. Effects of density-dependence and control strategies on the spread of garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata); Effects of invasive species on native species demography.
  • David Queller - Professor, Dept. of Biology. more
  • Joan Strassman - Professor, Dept. of Biology. more
  • Alan Templeton - Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Biology. Effects of restoration activities on metapopulations; population genetics. more

Researchers from Other Institutions
  • Robert Aldridge - Professor, Saint Louis Univesity. Pheromones and copperhead snake behavior. more
  • Brian Allan - Assistant Professor, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Effects of land-use practices on hosts and vectors (ticks, mosquitoes) of zoonotic diseases. more
  • Sharon Deem - Director, Institute for Conservation Medicine, Saint Louis Zoo. Origin, movement, and risk factors associated with diseases that affect the conservation of threatened and endangered wildlife species. More.
  • Peter Hoch - Curator, Research, Missouri Botanical Gardens. more
  • Steven Juliano - Professor, Illinois State University. Effects of invasive species on container breeding mosquito communities. more
  • Tiffany Knight - Professor, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research. Roles of interspecific interactions (pollination, competition, herbivory) and demography on rare, common, and invasive plant species; impacts and controls of invasive plant species.
  • Jason Knouft - Associate Professor, Saint Louis University. Microhabitat GIS modeling of stream fish communities. more
  • Robert Marquis - Professor, University of Missouri-Saint Louis. Lepidopteran insect herbivores and oaks; plant-animal interactions. more
  • William Resetarits Jr. - Professor,University of Mississippi . more
  • Bob Ricklefs - Professor, University of Missouri, St. Louis. more
  • Mickey Schutzenhofer - Assistant Professor, McKendree University. Effects of nutrients and interspecific interactions on prairie restoration. more
  • Kevin Smith - Assistant Professor, Davidson College. Effects of predators on biodiversity at local and regional scales; invasive species and community homogenization; causes of extinction; herpetology; ecology of amphibian diseases. more
  • James Trager - Restoration Ecologist, Shaw Nature Reserve. Ant biodiversity surveys.
  • Amy Zanne - Assistant Professor, George Washington University. Physiological ecology of woody plants. more

  • Jamie Palmer - Institute for Conservation Medicine
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