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About the Tyson Research Center

Network and Affiliates

Tyson Annex
The Tyson Annex is 109 acres located near Eureka, MO inside the Labarque Creek watershed. It features very interesting habitats that have formed on top of St. Peters sandstone as well limestone. The large presence of sandstone makes the communities of the annex different in almost all regards when compared to the main Tyson Research Center.

Network of Affiliated Sites

The State of Missouri has worked very hard to preserve a large amount of land in public hands for recreational and scientific use. This network comprises lands all around Tyson Research Center, including land managed by the Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, St. Louis County, Missouri Botanical Garden and a small amount of private land.

The purpose of the network is to create a comprehensive resource for researchers and to provide a tool that land managers could use in future management and restoration. Our databases currently include information about ponds, glades, invasive species, and a variety of other ecological data in the St. Louis region.

Interested in joining the network?

If you own a large tract of land in Missouri, preferably within 90 miles of Tyson Research Center, and you would be interested in allowing researchers to study on your land, please contact the Tyson Office.

Participation in this network would provide you with information about what might be living on your land, and could aid in conservation of local biodiversity and sustainable land management.

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