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Tyson's mission is to provide a living landscape for environmental research and education as a component of Washington University's International Center for Advanced Renewal Energy and Sustainability (I-CARES). Tyson provides:

  • A landscape-scale experimental venue for studies on ecosystem sustainability
  • A 2,000 acre outdoor laboratory for important research and teaching opportunities from Washington University and other nearby institutions
  • Research and educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students related to the environment and sustainability


Featured Research and Development

image: turtle
Turtle Tracking
In a collaborative effort with the St. Louis Zoo, Forest Parks Forever, the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, and Washington University, the movement, ecology and health of Three-toed and Ornate box turtle populations (Terrapene carolina triunguis and Terrapene ornata ornata) are being compared between Forest Park and Tyson Research Center, which represent urban and rural environments, respectively. We track 10 radio-tagged turtles in each location, record their GPS coordinates on a weekly basis, and analyze health and movement data. Additionally, our goal is to develop a meaningful outreach and education program to increase nature awareness in the St Louis community. To this end, a pilot visit was recently organized for fifth- and sixth-grade students from the eco club at South City Preparatory Academy, during which school pupils helped track the turtles in Forest Park. We plan to expand the involvement of schools over the coming months.

News and Events

Stop Honeysuckle
Tyson Research Center has recently been involved with a campaign to spread awareness of the exotic/invasive plant bush honeysuckle. To that end, Dr. Kim Medley and Travis Mohrman have written a white paper detailing current information regarding the plant and the most effective control strategies. Please check it out here.

New Research Garden
The Tyson Research Garden is now completed. It sits adjacent to our new lab building and between the two large warehouses. This site opens up a large amount of research space and we're very excited to see what goes on in this new location. To learn more, please click here.

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