Washington University in St. Louis
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Teaching, Outreach, and Internship Opportunities

Courses Offered at Tyson

Current Courses
Recent courses that have made use of Tyson as a field classroom include:
Washington University
  • Architecture 317: Architectural Design I
  • Biology 4193: Experimental Ecology Laboratory
  • Environmental Studies 393: Practical Skills in Environmental Biology Research
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences 210: Earth and the Environment
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences 454: Exploration and Environmental Geophysics
  • Design and Visual Arts 317/417: Digital Imaging and Photography
  • University College-Biology 2351: Plants of Missouri
  • University College-Biology 524: Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Regional Universities
  • University of Missouri, Saint Louis: Entomology, Ecology
  • Saint Louis University: Mammalogy, Ecology
  • Webster University: Ecology
  • Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville: Ecology
  • McKendree College: Field Botany
  • University of Missouri, Columbia: Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology (UMEB)

Life Sciences Summer Institute

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